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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  August 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> up next, the presidential campaign kicks in to high gear. mitt romney gets set to announce his running mate. >> officers reveal details about working with considerate executive, john leopold. >> more people visiting what's behind the injury. >> 11 news saturday morning starts right now. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. live. local. late breaking. this is 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome to 11 news saturday morning. i'm lisa. >> i'm jennifer. top stories in just a moment. first, welcome back, john. >> thank you. >> have nice time off? >> very nice time off.
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alaska, yukon, places like that. >> you took viewers with you? >> did you bring them back? >> they all arrived safely. very different weather here than there. it's a very warm morning. it's raining out there. let's look at the hd doppler radar. the rain isn't affecting everybody. it's out in western maryland. out ahead, scattered showers. most of the rain activity is light to moderate rain activity. eastern part of baltimore, most of the city, on down in to a cluster of shower activity and the heaviest in southern maryland, crossing the potomac river. it's moving to the east. we still have a chance of rain. the rain chance will be moving eastward all day long. those of you in the west, the rain will be tapering off later
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today. we'll talk about the details of the forecast in just a minute. ♪ ♪ >> new development in the race for the white house. this is our big story. in just about four hours from now, mitt romney, the presumed republican nominee, is set to announce his running mate. >> it will be announced at 9:00 in norfolk. sources are saying it will be wisconsin congressman, paul ryan. >> mitt romney off of the trail today in boston. he's choosing a running mate with his campaign in a slump. three new polls show romney trailing president obama by seven points or more. romney's put up an ad about welfare and about religion. he took an overseas trip that was marred by gaps. conservatives are demanding romney prove he's focused on the economy. >> is he going to respond in a 2007, 2008 mitt romney style
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that you cave to the right? or is he going to be tougher and firmer? >> the big test is the vp choice. the wall "wall street journal" s pushing paul ryan for his tax reform and spending restraint. romney echoed that. >> i don't think i have anything for you other than i certainly expect to have a person that has strength of character, vision for the country. >> the vision is shrinking medicare to cut the deficit. he's to the right of romney. which, if history is a guide, also makes ryan a likely republican running mate. >> it's almost always an ideological matching. if you are perceived moderate, you pick conservative. >> ideological is absence in the new romney ad attacking a president for the ad about the super pac, blaming romney for the death of a workers wife years after he fired the worker
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and ended the health coverage. that's sure to disappear the instance romney names his running mate. wbal tv 11 news. >> romney and ryan are set to appear together later in norfolk, virginia, to introduce the newly minted gop vic et to the nation. >> in maryland, the senate has voted to expand gambling. in a vote of 28-14, lawmakers approved the measure that would allow live table games. it also calls for the addition of the casino in orange county. it decreases the tax rate for operators. the vote is expected to be closer in the house of delegates. to see how your senator voted, click on politics. rules on pit bulls. there we go. it creates stick reliability standards for the owners of all
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dogs. they determined pit bulls are dangerous animals. the change also reverses a part of that ruling that made landlords liable for the attacks by the pit bulls or breeds. both are currently under consideration in the house. >> john leopold allegedly created a culture of cronyism. it's part of the harassment case against leopold. george has more from the newsroom. >> we were drawn to statements by two of the officers who allege rampant employee intimidation and the personal security detail information. two-term county executive, john leopold, already awaits trial on charges he misused security detail. now in the determination suit,
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definitions given by police officers on the detail describe it as much more than that. joseph said that unit basedly is a unit that's secretive. it was an intelligence unit. there's a lot of things you did, just didn't do it on paper. the attorney asks would it be fair to say if you believe some matter to be something that could cause public concern or any type of concern, you used your discretion as to whether or not to put it in writing. his answer, that's correct. leopold told him hamner, the plaintiff, was going to be transferred but not given a job because she filed a lawsuit against him. he didn't tell hamner what he knew. i watched a lot of people lose their jobs or get transferred. another officer on the security detail, mr. leopold told me he should be fired because he asked
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mr. leopold not to yell at him. he says he also knew about the plot to fire hamner. do i know i'm not going to be promoted? yeah, because i did the right thing. my career has been in shambles. i'd do it again tomorrow. the officers accused leopold of using politicaloyalty on several employees. quote, there was jimmy on the detail. he was being transferred because mr. leopold felt he wasn't a local supporter, because he did not give a campaign donation. he was transferred out. >> we heard things in the past couple of years. there's a lot contained in there that i've never heard before. it should give everybody real concern. >> calls for comment were not returned. >> the officers say they were not involved in the actual termination, and they have no
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specific knowledge of how job candidates were evaluated. in the newsroom, wbal tv 11 news. >> new details this morning in a deadly shooting involving a howard county police officers. police were forced to open fire on piercy holland. holland was holding a woman at gun point before kidnapping the child. that lead authorities to a house in columbia where he threatened to shoot police and himself. that's when a veteran shot and killed holland. police still investigating. investigating a shooting on the east side that happened before 4:00 on friday morning. that's where officers found one person outside of the house and another with a gunshot wound inside. the 41-year-old man died, and the 56-year-old man is still in critical condition. >> police say a 3-year-old accidently shot himself with a gun he reportedly found in a
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parking lot. happened just after 11:00 friday morning. the boy was playing with his 7-year-old sister when they found the handgun and started playing with it. at some point the gun discharged, hitting the boy in the chest. authorities have not released the child's condition. they say the investigation is ongoing. a man behind bars accused of threatening a batman child shooting. investigators say 37-year-old, james armstead was referring the shooting in colorado. according to police, he threatened to bring an ak-47 to the office and kill employees and himself. a search of his home did not turn of any weapons. but they found evidence he was trying to get an assault rifle. >> meantime, it's 5:09. 71 degrees. state house officials reporting
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the first case of west nile virus. what you need to look out for. >> once again a driving destination. why officials say more and more people are visiting the old lines state. >> first, here's a live picture outside. instant weather, plus forecast next.3q lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health.
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>> now your forecast. >> good morning. there's rain shower activity out there. at least for some of you. let's look at the radar and see what the action looks like. around the baltimore area and viewing area, light rain shower activity. concentrated in the western portion of cecil county and extending southward. points west very little shower activity at all. in fact, nothing until you get out to northern frederick county and a little bit on washington county as well. most of it light showers. down just south of charles county, a little thunderstorm activity. right now at the airport, it's
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70-74. mild morning this morning. humid. 90% the humidity. the barometer is rising. we have a light westernly wind at 5 miles per hour. the wind will be from a west to southwest direction. keeping the moisture up and leaving us a chance of rain, at least for a while. rainfall yesterday. precipitation today, meaning friday. 2900th of an inch. and for august that's just over half an inch of rain so far. and for the year. 17.2 inches of rain. and yesterday the high temperatures. again we call it today, but yesterday, friday. 86 was the high. 70 was the low. and that put readings on average just about normal for the season, at least for the high temperature. it was a little cooler on average for the morning. the record high for yesterday was 100. we weren't close. annapolis 76, pikesville 76,
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same at westminster. 68 at haugeerstown. we see the showers. the low is spinning out there. the front will be edges towards the day, pushing the rain chances away throughout the week. we can't push it out of the forecast. by evening, the cool front should be on the eastern shore and moving out. still some rain showers around, especially east of the bay with the rain chances tapering off to the west. the forecast today calls for scattered showers and thunder showers. the activity will be ending west to east. and we'll have west to southwest winds at 8-15 miles per hour. weather future cast shows it spotty by the evening, mostly off the east of us, and by
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sunday we're looking good. seven day forecast, 86 today and tomorrow. today we have a rain chance. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. same on monday. by tuesday, scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a big chance. still be in 80s the rest of the week. in addition to the tuesday, we have another rain chance on friday as well. >> from the water to the restaurants to the attractions, taking in what maryland has to offer. >> we have the numbers and explained why state tourism officials predict they will only get better. >> enjoy the ride along one of the scenic biways. >> the animated tv ad promoting the state's scenic driving tours and civil war trails hit the air waves on monday. >> it is different than the photography you'll see in other states. >> they are hoping the ad will
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attract more people. a record 34.2 million people traveled to the state in 2011. that's a 26% increase. 78% traveled for leisure, 22% for business. >> you can walk to a lot of different places, you can take a taxi, there's a lot of things to do here. it's a great town. it's gone through renovation. >> most travelers came from within a 200 mile radius where tourism officials focus most of the marketing energy, advertising on the radio and online. >> every month in the year. in the past there was a biggest push. >> they predict more huge conferences and the world class four seasons hotel will continue to help drive the numbers higher in 2012.
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the celebration, visitation, and economic impact numbers won't be released until october. amelia has huge expectations. >> that was ten days. we couldn't have been blessed with better weather. we had the most wonderful activities spread across the water front. we're very, very -- we have an inkling they are going to be great numbers. >> we have everything from the mountains in the west, the bay in the middle. >> in baltimore, wbal tv 11 news. >> west nile virus arrives in maryland. state health officials discover their first case. coming up. >> twins born two months apart. why they are reunited with the doctors that performed the miraculous delivery. >> a little bit later we're going to take you to the maryland science center for the summer of irresponsible science ♪
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>> this morning's medical alert, state health officials confirmed the first case of west nile virus in maryland. an adult in central maryland has been affected. they have also detected the virus in a pool of mosquitoes. some symptoms of the virus include fever, headache, body ache, skin rash, swollen lymph glands. it began with a pair of twins born 54 days apart. ten years later, the story is still awe inspiring. she was admitted going in to premature labor for baby one. the second twin wasn't ready for the world.
5:22 am
charlie wasn't born until two months later. for charlie's 10th birthday, she and her sister met the doctors that performed delivery. >> at most we've had twins born a few minutes apart, maybe a day or two. almost two months apart. to be born so far apart and survive. that 24 weeks survival is not that high. >> doctors say the fact that the twin delivery was extraordinary. infants born as early as 24 weeks have a survival rate of less than 50%. mom kimberly sent 100 days in the intensive care unit. ! it's been great watching the competition in the olympics. the games are leaving some fans tired. we'll call it olympic fatigue.
5:23 am
many aren't getting enough sleep. now the games are coming to a close. this weekend might be a good chance to catch up on all of those last zs. olympians inspiring many to hit the gym. 24 hour fitness find people are motivated by the games. it gives the fitness routines a boost and encouraging them to live healthier lifestyles. many stay they'd like to see more. stay with us, much more news ahead at 11 news on saturday morning. first, here's a look at some events going on around town this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> just how big can a marshmallow get in a microwave? these questions and more at the maryland science center. >> it's difficult than a catapult. this explains the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy. if you ever wanted to fling a chicken across the room, this is the place to do it. the maryland science center. it's all part of the summer of irresponsible science. >> anything that can go boom,
5:27 am
splat, zam, we have it here. [cannon firing] >> it's been a great event. you can see dozens of events like this. see it here, but don't try it at home. >> we teach a lot of chemical reactions, physics, any science, we try to make it bigger to make it more fun. >> it's kind of cool. it's been great and awesome. >> we have a science center mystery fuel that we're going to load. these nails are going to act like a wire. when we add the heat, high frequency electricity comes it should i ignite. 3, 2, 1. >> and this is something that's not going to work with every bar of soap. only for the one that floats. >> cut this to give it more
5:28 am
surface area. >> watch the air pockets expand. >> didn't that look like whip cream. it's crazy. it does go back to its solid form afterwards. you can use the soap. i would not advise doing it at home. we did give a hint. the soap that floats. >> what happened to the marshmallow? >> we didn't get it to see it. it got huge. then you are spend the rest of the day cleaning up the microwave. it's a lot of fun. science days at the weekend. you are going to discover backyard animals and all of that good stuff. >> after weeks of speculation, mitt romney is ready to announce his running mate. coming up. >> olympics winding down. next we'll look at the medals still to be won and the closing
5:29 am
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>> this is 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> our top stories in a moment. first john with another look outside. things have cooled down a bit?
5:31 am
no? >> no. not really. >> it seemed cooler coming in. >> i think it was the breeze. >> there's some rain out there. it's still humid. i thought it was warm. i was having breakfast and looked up. still in the 70s. that'll be changing. there is a cool front. temperature morning the temperatures will be cooler than they are this morning. tomorrow we don't expect rain. i'm giving you the wide view of the radar. the last few frames show the showers falling right now. what i wanted to show more than anything else, it seems to be pin wheeling around detroit up there. that's the center of the storm. and there's a front being pushed out to the east of it that's now in western maryland. but notice the center of the storm is just sitting there. that means things are slow moving. the rain we had this morning won't just zoom out of here and be done, the chance lingers
5:32 am
throughout the day. i'll detail that in a moment coming up. >> taking a look at the top stories. mitt romney will announce his running mate decision later in norfolk, virginia. sources say he has chosen wisconsin governor, paul ryan. they have been urged him to choose ryan because of the house-backed budget plan that seeks to curb spending and saving costs. more on john leopold. they obtained deposition that claim he made inappropriate comments about a female public officer, and also made advances towards her, and fired her when she made an official complaint. the case is separate from the criminal charges earlier that he misused his security detail.
5:33 am
a trial for that is set for december. two airlines out of commission at a national airport after a minor collision. a jet and express commuter plane both had minor damage after the big jets wing clipped the tail section of the plane. the planes were probably only moving a few miles an hour when they made contact. no injuries. it comes about a week after a near plane collision at reagan international airport also in dc. the planes nearly collided in the air. the incident is still under investigation. ♪ ♪ >> in london, winding down the olympics. two days left, and still almost 50 gold medals to be awarded. the u.s. has a chance to win several. who has the best shot and an
5:34 am
early look at tomorrow's closing ceremony. >> here they come. the u.s. women's relay team started by the 400 meter final in first place and not feeling the pressure. >> what an exciting race. it's a pressure to roam with the young ladies. >> half an hour later, the men's shorter relay tooked for team usa in lane 7. >> we can trust and stick around and turn it up a couple of notches. >> flower power could propel alicia in today's women 800 and the hottest ticket in london right now. three americans take on britain's favorites in the mens 5,000. >> it was relaxing. then just come and try to get the goal. >> divers who won bronze together here last week compete against each other today. we can see two more women's team land on top. volleyball, the u.s. versus
5:35 am
brazil. brazil won last time. this time the u.s. is top ranked, seeking their first gold medal. in basketball, the women's final against france tonight. >> at this point, you have to trust the players. because there's really not much that you are going to change, or you are going to add, or you are going to do different. >> the u.s. is hoping to preserve a 40-game winning streak. wbal tv 11 news. >> teachers are now officially on the job. we are there at more than 100 educators became the students. still ahead. >> and the massive drought has affected 2/3 of the nation. what the economist will expect to rise and fall at the grocery store this fall. >> there's rain on the radar. the weather
5:36 am
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>> now for 11 forecast with meteorologist, john collins. >> good morning. we've had showers in the area. in the city things have tapered off. we'll look at the radar. up in hartford and cecil county, couple of showers left. most of it is south of annapolis. pretty strong thunderstorms around richmond at this stage of the game. showers out at frederick county, and crossing the potomac in to virginia. the one batch of showers is pushing away. and it's south of the city at this stage of the game. we've only had .4 since midnight. 90% of the humidity. 79. the barometer has been showing a rising tendency. the front has not come through. still out to the west. 76 in annapolis.
5:39 am
same on the broadwalk. west minute -- westminster 70. 57 at oakland. it is cooler out there. the front is in the vicinity of between frostberg. lower dew points, slightly dry and less humid. the yellow wait dew point in -- yellow indicates dew points. it begins to push in areas west of the bay. out where it is cooler, you can see the dew points. here's the storm spinning around the center. near detroit. it's not moving very much. the front itself is pushing to the east. there's the thunderstorm shower ahead of it. by the evening, we expect the
5:40 am
front to be on the eastern shore. not by much. slow progress today. it doesn't move at all. in the low pressure, the center drifts farther north. the atmosphere is not really speeding along with all of the rain. we have a lingering rain chance for showers and thunderstorms. the concentration moves east during the day as well. and we'll begin see sun breaks as well. west to southwest, 83-88 the high for the motorist today. winds could be as high as 20 knots. rain chances by the end of the day. we see breaks in clouds. the lingering rain is mostly east of the bay, and by sunday, still a lot of clouds in the eastern shore. improving conditions west of the bay. seven day forecast, a lot of clouds.
5:41 am
86 tomorrow, less humid, no rain, a lot of sun, still dry, thunderstorm tuesday and again friday. >> we are reporting on the drought in more than half a century. >> yesterday a new dire assessment from the department of agriculture. the nation is on track to have the worst crop in nearly two decades. more now from ericka edwards. >> it's a reflection of dried up forms across much of the country. >> it's been hotter than it's ever been before. >> millions of acres of corn are a waste. they now predict a 17% drop, bringing prices to a record high. groceries shouldn't be affected as much as the corn that feeds the livestock. leaving people struggling to pay for cattle feed. >> it's a day-to-day basis
5:42 am
figures what to do and how to hang on. >> reporter: economist say the prices might go down before they go up. as they send the animals to slaughter early so they don't have to keep feeding them. you'll have an excess, and then next year you'll have a shortage soybeans also suffering. the white house is paying attention. >> there's no question that the drought is very serious. the president is committed to ensuring his administration is taking every step possible to help farmers and ranchers. >> reporter: the problem isn't just getting through the season, but preparing for what's to come. >> the warm temperatures that we've, been seeing fit in. >> they plan to beat the heat by planning earlier.
5:43 am
>> despite the heat and drop in corn production, we could still see the eighth largest corn harvest. >> many say they've lost large portions. >> sad to hear that. >> another hall of famer that will soon live on forever. coming up. >> emotions high in annapolis. a unique writ of summer passage. ♪
5:44 am
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>> in this morning's education alert, summer vacation is officially over for new schoolteachers in carol county. 100 new hires were back on campus and in class. tim has the story. >> you are going to have the students iep. >> reporter: at least for a day, the first-year teachers became students. >> you want to do well. i know it's to the point you don't know what it is that you are doing. >> reporter: it goes beyond the classroom. these first year full-time instructors are learning the dos and don'ts of teacher-student relationships, especially social media. >> we watch what we do, everything that we put out there is completely appropriate that everyone can see it. the technology is crazy. you type your name in, and you can find everything about you. >> that's why they are being urged to keep the distance.
5:47 am
>> you need to be careful. students can have older relatives. you have to be savvy. >> reporter: for some educators, this is the first teaching job and their second career. >> perhaps they've had a career in the private sector, and they want to try something different. maybe have always had a passion for teaching. now because they have done that other career for a while, they decide to go pursue teaching. >> the rookies are new. they don't know the area, school, plus they are nervous. >> some principals will tell you that's not all bad. >> i think it's great they do this a week before they start with us. they get the ins and outs of the system, they learn about policy, they get the id badge and get comfortable. it's not like first day and they are shocked with everything. >> reporter: tim, wbal tv 11 news. >> it's been six weeks of training and instruction. 1200 people at the u.s. naval academy are getting a taste of
5:48 am
freedom. [cheering] >> this weekend marks the first time since training began they are allowed to leave the academy ground and enjoy time off. the class of 2016 will officially begin their term. >> a lot of tears, i'm sure. parents seeing their kids for the first time. a taste of the big leagues. we're with you for the opening ceremonies for the annual cal ripken world series. >> another hall of famer gets a permanent spot in c [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation,
5:49 am
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>> while os fans continue to have a lot to be excited about, the next generation of baseball standouts are getting a taste of the big leagues.
5:52 am
12th annual series took place. 16 teams of 12-year-olds took part, 10 from the united states and six from other countries. many continued to support the ripken family after his mother was abducted from her home. cal says his mother is getting through the ordeal. >> ma is doing well. as i said in the press conference, she's doing as well as can be expected. it's a traumatic event. it's unsettling for all of us. we're continuing it remind her of that trick event. i think she's trying to get on with her life and kind of forget about it. it's unsettling to say the least. mom is tough. >> police are still searching for the man that ab ducked her at gun point and drove her around in her own car for hours. she was later found unarmed. another oriole great to be honored. larger than life culture of eddy murray will be unvailed today.
5:53 am
rob has the details. >> eddy murray, he was one of the os all time greats. eddy played for the os for 13 seasons. in that time, he was an eight time all star, three time gold glove winner, he's the all time career rbi leader amongst switch hitters, and he was inducted in to the baseball hall of fame in 2003. tomorrow a statue of eddy will be unvailed here at the center field garden. along with other os hall of famers. >> we're fortunate that we have six retired numbers all of whom are in the hall of fame. which is amazing. many teams can't say that. each guy really feels a personal connection to know he's going to be here forever and have a physical presence here at ballpark. >> just down the street at the sports legend, there's a special display. >> that's our job to commemorate
5:54 am
and celebrate the history. when the orioles do special things like this, it's our job to get out there and help to do that and help to interpret the player who's history they are celebrating. >> along with a special jersey, one of eddy's bats, a signed baseball, and much more. >> i was just thinking the other day win can't remember whether our fans ever chanted for anybody like they did eddy at the stadium. he was a pretty special guy. and i'm glad to see he's been honored. >> reporter: eddy was a one-of-a-kind, one of the all time greats. >> eddy's been at every other unvailing. he said he wanted to attend each one. i think this is going to have a lot of personal meaning. you may see a side of eddy that we didn't see so much during his playing days. i think he's really looking forward to it. >> reporter: wbal tv 11 news. >> i can so remember the days
5:55 am
watching the games with my great uncle. >> that's awesome memories. good times. >> oh yeah. people did that. eddy, eddy. 5:54. here's a look ahead. >> is it going to be cristie, or ryan? >> what we are learning from john leopold's depositions. coming up. >> we'll see how the rain affects your weather today. coming up in the forecast.
5:56 am
>> this is a wbal editorial. >> in the most highly contested bidding process in the history of the international olympic committee, the washington/baltimore region lost the bid for the 2012 olympics. the dream is still alive for the ceo and appears to be up for the task again. he's setting the sites on the 2024 games and testing the waters to see if the civic and financial support is as optimistic as he is. he believes they still have the largest sports infrastructure in a 40-mile radius. some supporters believe a bid is possible. they see the olympics games as a phenomenal opportunity to showcase the region. a 2000 study projected it would
5:57 am
cost $2 billion to build and run. the united states olympic committee has indicated they are willing to bid again, despite losing to london. the 2016 are scheduled for brazil, and the finalist are already decided. they will choose the host city for the 2024 games in 2017. it's a marathon process that starts with a proposal period, and concludes with preparation time for the host city. the decision to be bid will be made locally over the next year. it would be a win/win for baltimore and washington and the entire region. ♪ ♪
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>> this is 11 news saturday


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